First International Class of Jean School to open in Amsterdam. In 2012, Amsterdam made headlines by launching the first independent denim school in the world.

The first students of this full- The first students of this full-time 3 year, industry time 3 year, industry time 3 year, industry-driven course are set to graduate later driven course are set to graduate later driven course are set to graduate later this year. this year. Following enormous media interest and demand from students and brands around the world, Jean School will now also offer an English- School will now also offer an English-spoken, condensed course for international student spoken, condensed course for international students.

About the course
Jean School International Course is a nine-month course that consists of three modules (each of three months) leading to the Pearson / BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Art & Design - Fashion & Clothing. The course will be ‘coloured blue’ and very practical. Participants will be trained to become professional Denim Developers: they will become proficient in skills such as cutting, sewing, stitching and washing jeans. These skills will be taught with an emphasis on craftsmanship and sustainability across all steps in the production process. Starting at the drawing board all the way up to the sales process. When students graduate, they will be experts in the conventional trade and denim craftsmanship.

Students can earn a different certificate for each three-month block. Upon completion of all three blocks, students earn the Pearson / BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Art & Design - Fashion & Clothing.

Project examples
Jean School students regularly participate in well-known projects. Students of the Jean School get assignments of well-known fashion brands like G-star Raw, Tommy Hilfiger, Kuyichi and Pepe Jeans. They also take part in renowned denim projects and fairs like denim trade show The Kingpins Show, trade show ‘Modefabriek’, the Global Denim Awards and Amsterdam Denim Days. The students participate in the program and present current projects.

Joined forces
In 2012, The Regional Community College of Amsterdam (ROCvA) and House of Denim successfully joined forces to set up the world’s first denim education: the Jean School).By popular demand these parties have now developed the Jean School International Course, to be launched in April 2015. Since practical excellence is so important for our industry, the curriculum has been developed in close cooperation with HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy, global jeans brands and other industry experts. Big names in the denim industry support the initiative and actively participate in the program by providing guest lectures, internships and assignments. This ensures that students will stay up-to-date with all the latest trends, developments and technologies of the industry.

Jean School expects to start the first international course on April 7th 2015. The Jean School International Course will be based in Amsterdam’s unique Denim City at ‘De Hallen Amsterdam’, next to the House of Denim Blue Lab clean laundry and denim archive.

For more information on the Jean School International Course, please visit: or send us an e-mail at: [email protected]