For those who can’t be torn away from alerts, chat or photo uploading on their Facebook

homepage, Asos has now opened up e-tail to a whole new group of consumers by opening an e-tailing outpost inside facebook.

The first European fashion retailer to do so, where competitors like Gap and Zara only use facebook as a ‘listening and communicative tool,’ Asos fans can now shop the full stock of 150,000 products via the social networking site. Consumers can also post photos of potential purchases for friends to see and comment on.

It’s in a bid to target ‘moppers,’ – mobile shoppers - explains an Asos spokesperson. Facebook says that roughly 200million of its 500million members worldwide access the site via mobile devices, so Asos see mobile commerce as the ‘natural next step.’

Forecasters predict global mobile shopping will double this year to $4billion.